Linear Thermoplastic Analysis of FGM Rotating Discs with Variable Thickness

Document Type: Research Paper


1 Iran University of Science and Technology, School of Mechanical Engineering, Tehran, IRAN

2 Babol Noshirvani University of Technology, School of Mechanical Engineering, Babol, IRAN


This work presents thermoplastic analysis of FG rotating diskswith variable thickness and constant angular velocity. The solutions are obtained by variable material property (VMP) theory. In this theory, the domain is divided into some finite sub-domains in the radial direction, in which the properties are assumed to be constant and the form of the elastic response is used to solve elastic-plastic problems. The results are compared with the results obtained by the finite element analysis using ANSYS software. The results reveal that mentioned methods are in very good agreement in both thermoelastic and themroplastic states. Finally, the effect of various parameters including the thermal distribution and thickness profile on the stress behavior of disk are investigated.


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