Multiple Moving Cracks in a Nonhomogeneous Orthotropic Strip

Document Type: Research Paper


1 Ph.D Student ,Faculty of Engineering, University of Zanjan

2 Mechanical Engineering, University of Zanjan,

3 Mechanical Engineering, University of Zanjan


The problem of several finite moving cracks in a functionally graded material is solved by dislocation technique under the condition of anti-plane deformation. By using the Fourier transform the stress fields are obtained for a functionally graded strip containing a screw dislocation. The stress components reveal the familiar Cauchy singularity at the location of dislocation. The solution is employed to derive integral equations for a strip weakened by several moving cracks. Numerical examples are provided to show the effects of material properties, the crack length and the speed of the crack propagating upon the stress intensity factor and strain energy density factor.


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