Tuned Mass Dampers for Earthquake Vibrations of High-rise Buildings using Bee Colony Optimization Technique

Document Type: Research Paper


Mechanical Engineering Department, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad, Iran


This paper investigates the application of Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) method for the optimization of Tuned Mass Dampers (TMDs) employed for high-rise structures including Soil Structure Interaction (SSI). The model is a 40-story building, and Newmark method is utilized for the structure response to Bam earthquake data. The objective is to decrease both maximum displacement and acceleration. It is shown that ABC method can be effectively applied to design the optimum TMD for tall buildings. It is also indicated that this model is more accurate than fixed based models. The effects of mass, damping coefficient and spring stiffness are also studied. This study leads the researchers to the better understanding and designing of TMDs for the mitigation of earthquake oscillations.


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