Low Velocity Impact on Relatively Thick Rectangular Plate under In-plane Loads Resting on Pasternak Elastic Foundation

Document Type: Research Paper


, Impact Research Laboratory, School of Mechanical Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran


This study deals with the elastic-plastic impact on moderately thick rectangular plate subjected to uniform in-plane compressive loads resting on the Pasternak elastic foundation. The proposed rectangular plates have two opposite edges simply-supported, while all possible combinations of free, simply-supported and clamped boundary conditions are applied to the other two edges. The dimensionless equations of motion of the plate are obtained by applying the Reissner-Mindlin plate theory considering the first-order shear deformation and the rotary inertia effects. The exact closed form solution of the governing equations leading to more accurate result with less calculating time in comparison with the Rayleigh-Ritz method is used to obtain the dynamic response of the plat. The validity of the result is first examined by studying the convergence of the maximum impact force. Then, a comparison of results with those available in literature confirms the excellent accuracy of the present approach. Finally the effects of the dimensionless parameters such as uniaxial and biaxial in-plane loads and the effect of foundation stiffness parameters on force and displacement histories have been examined.


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