Multiple moving cracks in an orthotropic strip sandwiched between two piezoelectric layers

Document Type : Research Paper


Faculty of Engineering, University of Zanjan, P. O. Box 45195-313, Zanjan, Iran


In this paper, the solution of a moving Volterra-type screw dislocation in an orthotropic layer, bonded between two piezoelectric layers is obtained using complex Fourier transform. The dislocation solution is then employed as strain nuclei to derive singular integral equations for a medium weakened by multiple moving cracks. These equations, which are classified as, Cauchy singular equations, are then solved numerically for dislocation density functions an the numerical results of the dynamic stress intensity and strain energy density factors are obtained. Finally, the effects of the material properties, geometrical parameters and the speed of the crack propagating on the stress intensity factors and strain energy density factor are investigated. It is shown from theses results that the effect of the crack propagation speed can be highly significant.


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