Optimization of Thermal Instability Resistance of FG Flat Structures using an Improved Multi-objective Harmony Search Algorithm

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This paper presents a clear monograph on the optimization of thermal instability resistance of the FG (functionally graded) flat structures. For this aim, two FG flat structures, namely an FG beam and an FG circular plate, are considered. These structures are assumed to obey the first-order shear deformation theory, three-parameters power-law distribution of the constituents, and clamped boundary conditions. The objectives of the optimization problem are considered to be maximizing the critical buckling temperature and minimizing the structural mass. Also, the problems are confined to the range of elastic stability by considering an appropriate constraint criterion. This paper proposes the IMHSA algorithm (improved multi-objective harmony search algorithm) to deal with the stated problem. The capability of the proposed algorithm is examined by solving a benchmark problem.Results are shown as optimal pareto-points for the problems introduced in the paper and some pareto-points are tabulated in detail. Results reveal that the un-symmetric material distribution is not suitable to postpone the buckling temperature of the flat structures


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