Hollow Piezoelectric Cylinder under Transient Loads

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Islamic Azad University South Tehran Branch

2 Mechanical Engineering Department, South Tehran Branch, Azad University, Iran


In this paper, transient solution of two dimensional asymmetric thermal and mechanical stresses
for a hollow cylinder made of piezoelectric material is developed. Transient temperature
distribution, as function of radial and circumferential directions and time with general thermal
boundary-conditions, is analytically obtained, using the method of separation of variables and
generalized Bessel function. The results are the sum of transient and steady state solutions that
depend upon the initial condition for temperature and heat source, respectively. The general
form of thermal and mechanical boundary conditions is considered on the piezoelectric cylinder.
Material properties of piezoelectric cylinder are the same along the thickness. A direct method
is used to solve the Navier equations, using the Euler equation and complex Fourier series.


Main Subjects

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