Analysis of squeezing flow of viscous fluid under the influence of slip and magnetic field: comparative studies of different approximate analytical methods

Document Type : Research Paper


1 University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos

2 University of Lagos, Akoka, Nigeria.

3 University of Lagos, Akoka, Nigeria

4 Mechanical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, University of Lagos.


The various industrial and engineering applications of flow of fluid between parallel plates have continued to generate renewed interests. In this work, a comparative study of approximate analytical methods is carried out using differential transformation,homotopy perturbation, Adomian decomposition, variation of parameter and variational iteration methods for the analysis of a steady two-dimensional axisymmetric flow of an incompressible viscous fluid under the influence of a uniform transverse magnetic field with slip boundary condition. From the results, it is established that, the result of DTM and VPM shows to be more convenient for engineering calculations compared to the HPM as it appears more appealing than the HPM.  Also, effects of pertinent flow, magnetic field and slip parameters are studied. By comparing the results of approximate analytical methods in this work with the numerical method using Runge-Kutta coupled with shooting method, the validity and the accuracy of approximate analytical solutions are established. 


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