Tensile properties and fatigue behavior of AHSS-DP 350/600 subjected to laser shock processing

Document Type : Research Paper


1 University of Education, Winneba

2 University of Education,Winneba


This work presents the effects of strain rate on the tensile properties and fracture morphologies of AHSS-DP 350/600 subjected to LSP. Fatigue crack growth test was performed to evaluate fatigue behavior in the metallic plate of AHSS-DP350/600. However, this material is used in automobile industry and enhancing it fatigue resistance is a challenge in material engineering. In order to evaluate and compare the influence of the microstructure on their mechanical and chemical properties, tensile and hardness test were performed and analysis. This revealed that the LSPed specimens have higher values of yield stress, maximal stress, Young’s modulus than non-LSP specimens, the elongation and hardness as a result of their porosity and pore size influenced. It was observed that the macroscopic (tensile tests) and microscopic (microhardness tests) properties of the non-LSP are sensitive to these defects generated during the material machining process and LSP specimens could prolong the material working life.


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