Robust sliding mode control of uncertain nonlinear ‎ship autopilot system ‎

Document Type : Research Paper


University of Hormozgan


Designing of ship autopilot has been a challenging problem because of high nonlinearity of ship ‎dynamics and various acting disturbances. Hence, In the last few years, many classical and intelligent algorithms are presented in the literature, for ‎better control of ship autopilot. ‎The main goal of the work is to design a proper and ‎efficient controller for ship autopilot based on sliding mode control method. The major ‎contribution of the paper is employing a nonlinear model as well as considering dynamic bounds ‎of uncertainties for controller design. In order to reduce the chattering phenomenon, control ‎scheme has been modified using integral switching variable. Simulation results in the rough wave ‎condition show the success of method to overcome nonlinearity and disturbances, and high ‎performance of the proposed controller comparing to similar research.‎


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