Uncertainty Analysis of Spray Injection Process in a Model Scale Liquid Fuel Micro-Motor

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Corresponding Author, Assistance Prof. of Aerospace Engineering, Aerospace Research Institute (Ministry of Science, Research and Technology), Tehran, Iran

2 Associate Professor of Aerospace Engineering, Aerospace Research Institute (Ministry of Science, Research and Technology), Tehran, Iran

3 Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Tarbiat Modares University (TMU), Tehran, Iran


Injection process and its parameters are the most important
factors in the combustion process that depends on some
factors in operation. In this paper, initially, injection
parameters from viewpoint of macroscopic and microscopic
in a manufactured model scale liquid fuel micro-motor that
are measured experimentally in Cold-Test and Phase
Doppler Analyzer (PDA) laboratories, are evaluated. And
then, Uncertainty Analysis (UA) methodologies for
experimental uncertainty assessment are implemented to
drive the respective block diagram. The sources of
uncertainty associated with the techniques are presented,
and where such data were available, quantitative estimates
of their magnitude are given. Uncertainty analysis results
that are taken to spraying parameters show the high
accuracy of experimental test results. This framework is a
comprehensive and complete technique that could be
implemented and executed over any set to analyze
uncertainty value, with difference that each set or case study
has its respective parameters.


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